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Where Does Barn Tin Come From?

CeilingConnex is proud to offer barn tin ceiling tile, one of the most interesting and eco-friendly ceiling products you can find.

This material has a unique story that goes back decades. It has a rich history and can give your space a rustic, old-fashioned look that is hard to recreate.

The History of Barn Tin

The manufacturing process for tin roofs does not actually involve entirely-tin material. In fact, these materials are manufactured using a combination of steel and tin. Tin is very corrosion resistant, but it is not strong enough to make a reliable barn wall or roof. Steel, on the other hand, is very strong and can hold up to a lot of pressure or weight. For these reasons, tin was coated over steel panels to create a strong yet corrosion-resistant material. This material became the basis for what we now call “barn tin,” as well as many other materials, including “tin” cans.

The height of using tin-coated panels for barn and sheds was about 50 years ago. Around the middle of the century, and lasting to the end of the 20th century, tin panels were used to wrap barn frames and create long-lasting protection from the outside elements.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, tin barn panels have been replaced with products coated by different materials. It is now more common to find “galvanized” steel around modern barns. Instead of tin, galvanized roofing uses alloys of zinc to provide corrosion resistance. This new material is superior to the old tin roofs, and is often more cost effective as well.

Making Ceiling Tiles out of Unwanted Material

So now that barn tin is being replaced by modern metals, what happens to all that old material. In most cases, the material is either recycled or thrown in the landfill. While recycling is obviously better than trashing, they both have their disadvantages.

Obviously throwing the material in the waste is a problem, but even recycling can use a lot of energy and require advanced processing to strip the steel of its tin coating and separate the two metals.

Upcycling is now a popular option for many materials, including barn tin. To create our barn tin ceiling tiles, we take panels of corrugated barn panels, which can be either tin-coated or galvanized, that would otherwise be recycled or trashed and cut it into 2x2 strips. This material can now be used as a decorative option for retail outlets, bars, restaurants, and even homes. The rustic orange, reds, and browns mixed with metallic grays create an old-fashioned style that few products can match. It really is a simple solution that creates a fantastic appearance for your space.

Most of the panels sold by CeilingConnex are made from galvanized steel, not tin-coated barn tiles. 

Enhance Your Space with Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles

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