10 Home Maintenance Tips that Anyone Can Do

10 Home Maintenance Tips that Anyone Can Do

Home maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive. Some maintenance jobs, such as roofing, plumbing, and electrical work, should be left to the pros. Others, however, can be handled by average homeowners.

So even if you don’t know a wrench from a vice grip, you can likely handle these home basic maintenance tasks.

Simple, Easy Home Maintenance!

1. Test Garage Door Safety Mechanisms

Modern garage doors have multiple safety devices, including sensors that stop the garage when something runs below. At least once a month, test these devices and make sure the door reverses if there is an obstruction.

2. Tighten Cabinet Hardware

Take a Phillips and flathead screwdriver and tighten the handles and knobs on your cabinets for a firm, rattle-free hold.

3. Vacuum Dryer Exhaust

The exhaust vent is designed to move moist air from the dryer and release it outside. However, lint can collect in the vents and lead to clogging and potential fire hazards. Removing it is fairly simple and easy.

4. Inspect and Caulk Drafty Windows

Walk around your home on a windy or cold day and feel for any drafts coming through the windows, especially around the perimeter. If you have any cold air coming through, calk the windows for better insulation throughout the year.

5. Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

Your smoke detectors should have new batteries every year. New Year’s is a great time to replace the batteries, but just make sure this is done annually for enhanced safety in your home.

6. Fill Low Areas with Compacted Soil

Low areas in your landscaping can cause significant issues with drainage. This can mean that water doesn’t flow away from the house, as it should, but into the soil near the foundation. If you have any low areas where water pools, use compacted soil to fill in the spot and slope the dirt away from the house.

7. Check Above Basement Ceiling for Leaks, Condensation

If you have a direct mount ceiling in the basement, you can easily remove the tiles to inspect the pipes and wiring above. At least twice a year, take ten minutes to look above the ceiling for any problems with the pipes. If you see leaking, you can have the problem fixed before it becomes a major problem.

8. Clear the Gutters

Clogged gutters can lead to many problems, including rot in the attic space, damage to the foundation, and leaking in the basement. Every spring and fall, safely climb a ladder and clear out leaves, sticks, and other obstructions.

9. Clean Dust from Direct Mount Ceiling

About once a month, take a soft cloth and run it along the grid on your direct mount ceiling . You can also use a vacuum extension to remove dust and dander from the ceiling grid.

10. Installing Insulation

While some forms of insulation, such as spray insulation, will require special equipment, others can be handled by anyone with a pair of gloves, a long-sleeve shirt, a tape measure, and a utility knife.

With these simple and effective steps, you can do your part for a long-lasting home!

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