6 Essential Tips for an Effective Home Office

6 Essential Tips for an Effective Home Office

Working from home is becoming more common every year. According to a 2015 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly a quarter of all employed people in the U.S. did some or all of their work from home.

Working from home requires an office space that allows you to focus and stay productive. It means making the right choices for decoration and organization so you can continue to work at a high level.

Whether you are self-employed or working at home for an employer, remember these important tips for your home office...

Home Office: 6 Tips for an Effective Work Space

1. A Door is a MUST

We can discuss the uses of a standup desk, carpet or hardwood flooring, and extra seating in the home office. A door, however, is non-negotiable. With a home office, you need to be able to separate yourself from the rest of the home distractions, so while open-floor plans might work for modern offices, you can’t drop your home office in the middle of the living room. Choose a separate room with it’s own door for privacy and quiet.

2. Use Natural Lighting Whenever Possible

Your office should have as much natural lighting as possible. While direct sunlight in your eyes can be a problem, having natural light in the room will give your space a balanced, even appeal. Using natural light makes for a better office and a smaller utility bill.

3. Get a High-Quality Office Chair

Don’t skimp on your office chair. If you will work even half-days in your home office, you need a chair that will be comfortable for hours. It’s tempting to go out and purchase the most affordable desk chair around, but your back muscles and spine will thank you if you purchase a quality product.

4. Paint the Walls an Appropriate Color

Do your research when painting the walls in your home office before dipping your brush. There are different colors for different purposes, so you may want green, beige, yellow, or blue for your office.

According to color psychologist Angela Wright, blue is generally considered to be the most productive color, while yellow is best for designers and creativity. Green provides balance and calm, while red it best for areas that use physical activity, so it may not be effective for most modern home offices.

5. Organize Vertically

Clutter in the office brings clutter in the brain. To help get items off the floor and desktop, use vertical storage, such as filing cabinets, tall bookshelves, and cabinets to completely change the space in your office and give a better atmosphere for high productivity.

6. Limit Your Wall Decorations

Just like storage clutter, wall clutter can mentally clog your mind. While you should have a few nice wall decorations, if your job involves lots of deep thinking, writing, or problem-solving, try to keep wall decor to a minimum. A few paintings are better than a wall covered in pictures, artwork, plaques, and logos.

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