7 Basement Remodeling Options that Will Reinvent Your Entire Home

7 Basement Remodeling Options that Will Reinvent Your Entire Home

Do you have unused space in the basement, but simply can’t decide what to do with it? Are you bouncing between one idea and another, but haven’t started, simply because you can’t make up your mind?

We’d like to break the mental logjam and give you seven excellent ideas for your basement. These options will not only remodel your basement, they’ll create a whole new character for your entire home!

Consider These Seven Ideas for Your Basement Remodel:

1. Bedrooms

One of the best options for your living room space is to simply add another bedroom. If you need space for an expanding family or simply want an extra guest bedroom, you can take your unfinished basement and simply create a bedroom or two. Just remember that you’ll be required to have egress windows, which are more costly to install.

2. Kids’ Playroom

Do you have children that need room to play? Are your grandkids running out of space for the toys you keep in your home? Perhaps it’s time to give the kids an area of their own by creating a kids’ playroom in the basement. If you’re really committed, you can add colorful paint and fun carpeting to make it feel like a real playhouse!

Basement home bar: A popular remodeling choice!

3. Home Bar

If you like to relax at a bar and have a nice beverage, then perhaps it’s time you enhance your house and include a home bar that you can have all to yourself. With some nice barstools, a well-stocked shelf, and a television tuned to the big game, this will easily become the most popular room in your house. (And you’ll never pay a cover charge!)

4. Office

Maybe you’re tired of doing work from the kitchen table. Maybe you’ve taken a new job that allows you to work from home. Whatever the reason, having a home office is a luxury that adds versatility, privacy, and peace to your house. A separate space for concentrating on work or studies is essential, so give your home the work space it needs.

5. Home Theater

A large screen, booming sound, and plush theater seats. Does it get any better than a home theater? When properly created, you can use your home theater for movies, sports, and even your favorite television show, and with a direct mount ceiling grid from CeilingConnex, you can install sound-proof tiles that create an even better entertainment experience.

6. Home Library

Maybe movies aren’t your thing. Maybe you’d rather have a home library full of your favorite books. If that’s the case, then you can fill your walls with custom-made shelves and have your own private library.

7. Work Shop or Hobby Room

What’s your hobby? Whether you’re into woodworking, model cars, quilting, or painting, a work shop or hobby room would be an exceptional addition to your home, giving you the space and equipment you need for your favorite activity.

The Ceiling Grid You Need for Your Basement

No matter what type of room you’re creating, CeilingConnex can help by providing a high-quality ceiling grid.

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