Advantages of Direct Mount Ceiling Grids for Exhibits

If you have ever set up a booth or display at a trade show, exhibit, or event, you understand the importance of good lighting and a clean area. Many exhibits have ceilings that offer quality lighting and a clean backdrop. Some even have an upstairs area where sales representatives can talk to potential customers in a quiet, office-like setting, away from the noise and traffic of the event.

The floor display, as well as the office area, should enhance the potential for people to notice your location and focus their attention where it matters: your product or services.

That’s why direct ceiling mounts are popular for exhibits. They have the right tone, versatility, and convenience for any event; large or small.

Let’s take a closer look at why direct mount ceiling grids and ceiling tiles are popular for exhibits...

Easily Added to Temporary Exhibits

Most exhibits, especially at events like auto shows, boat shows, and outdoor shows, will have temporary exhibits that are set up and torn down within a week, often over a short weekend. It’s important that these types of events have paneling and a grid system that can be easily installed and taken down quickly. With a direct mount ceiling grid, the bottom T comes out with ease, allowing simple access or a swift teardown.

Direct mount ceiling grids also require very few tools, making them easy to set up. This can be helpful for exhibits that are moving in, going on display for a week or two, and then moving on.

Mounts Directly to the Structure

Space can be limited at exhibits. While some take place in large buildings that have expansive head room, others may take place in smaller community centers or in areas that have shorter ceilings. With a standard drop ceiling, the tiles will hang down, usually at a distance of about six to eight inches. But with a direct mount ceiling, the exhibit will only loose about 1 inch of ceiling space, making the area feel more spacious and inviting.

Bright, Clean Surface

Lighting is crucial at exhibits and shows. People need to be able to see the items in the best light, and a direct mount ceiling grid and panels do just that. A white or cream-colored ceiling is usually the best option, as these deliver a soft, elegant light without overpowering the display.

Won’t Pull Attention from Exhibit Itself

It’s important that the exhibit focuses on the items. Whether it’s an elite art museum, a major car show, or a small booth at a local fishing show, it’s important that the attention stays in the center. With a direct mount ceiling grid and panel system, you’ll have a surface that looks great but doesn’t take away from the center of the display.

If you want to learn more about using direct mount ceiling grids and tiles, contact CeilingConnex or check out our blog for more information.

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