Basement Remodeling: 6 Tips for a Safer Family Space

Basement Remodeling: 6 Tips for a Safer Family Space

If you’ve decided to remodel your home, you likely can’t wait to get started! We understand, as remodeling will add a new level of excitement and comfort to your entire home.

But before you jump into the process, make sure you are taking steps to ensure excellent safety.

Ventilate While Painting

While this step has more to do with the process of remodeling over the final results, it’s still important. If you are painting, make sure you ventilate the area thoroughly, using fans and open windows, to ensure any harmful chemicals from paint are swiftly removed from the home.

Egress Windows for All Bedrooms

It’s no coincidence that egress windows are legally required for all basement bedrooms. These large windows have enough room for someone to safely exit through, creating an emergency escape in case of fire. If you already have egress windows built, you’re in good shape. However, if you don’t have egress windows, you’ll need to have them built, which can be expensive and time consuming, as you’ll likely have to dig a space and pour supportive concrete.

Use Fire-Resistant Materials Wherever Possible

Much of the effort you take for increasing the long-term safety in your remodeled basement will center around fire safety. This, of course, includes using materials that are less likely to cause or increase a fire. If you are installing a direct-mount ceiling, you can choose tiles from CeilingConnex, which are fire resistant and create a safe and attractive ceiling.

Have a Comprehensive Strategy for Water Proofing

While you probably won’t have to worry about sudden flood of water in your basement, you’re more likely to have to deal with seepage and leaks, which can eventually cause mold to grow in the home. Mold spores can become airborne, leading to respiratory problems and allergic reactions. For the long-term health of your family, be sure to take measure to ensure a water-proof basement.

Test for Radon

Radon occurs naturally, seeping through the ground at levels that are usually harmless. However, when radon seeps from the ground into an enclosed home, it can collect in potentially dangerous concentrations. You can’t see or smell radon, so test your basement for radon on a regular basis to ensure your family has safe air for years to come.

Safely Secure the Television to the Wall

There’s a small debate going on about the safest place for modern televisions. Placing a flat screen on the wall is a popular choice, but many people are concerned that it could fall and harm children or pets. However, there are a few resources, including Wired and Safe Kids Worldwide, that claim wall-mounting may actually be safer, because kids can’t reach the television and tip it over. If you do choose wall-mounting, be sure to properly mount and secure the television, and consider adding emergency straps for enhanced safety.

Fire Resistant, Mold Resistant Ceiling Tiles from CeilingConnex

You can have safe, stylish tile from CeilingConnex for your basement remodeling.

Check out our full line of products and you’ll have practically everything you need for your direct mount ceiling. In fact, if you order one of our ceiling tile kits, all you’ll need is a few tools and the right fasteners!

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