Best Ways to Add Style to Your Ceiling-Tiled Room

When you are adding a ceiling grid to your home or commercial space, it’s easy to simply choose white or grey. These simple, non-threatening colors work for almost every design theme, making them a convenient, versatile, no-fail option.

However, if you want to add more decorative creativity to your space, consider these ways to add style to your ceiling-tiled room...

Black Ceiling Tiles

Most people choose white tile because it is visually neutral and non-threatening. However, a popular and bold design choice is to add black tiles and a black grid system. This can give your room a sleek appeal and will make the ceiling appear lower, making it a great choice for high ceilings.

Checkered Pattern

To add a unique quality to your room or office, you can order black ceiling tiles and contrasting white ceiling tiles and install them in a checkered pattern. This unique combination will give your basement an interesting visual depth that you can’t get from simply adding white or black tile alone.

Rows of Black and White Tiles

Another take on the black-and-white combination is alternating rows or columns of colors. When you order CeilingConnex’s black tiles and white tiles, you can arrange them in rows, which could give the room a sense of length as well as visual interest.

Contrasting Grid/Tile Colors

Almost all mounted ceiling designs attempt to hide the grid and highlight the tiles. However, one interesting way to give your ceiling-tiled room a unique design is to add black grid pieces to white tile or vise-versa. While this design choice certainly isn’t for everyone, it will give your room a one-of-a-kind appeal.

Barn Tin Ceiling Tile

For that perfect rustic style, our Barn Tin Ceiling tiles are the perfect choice. This material is repurposed barn tin that has been cut into precise 2x2’ sections. This allows them to fit perfectly with our direct mount ceiling grid and creates the perfect texture and style. If you want a ceiling for your barn, workshop, or vintage store, this will be the best way to add style to your ceiling-tiled room.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

There are many different decorative ceiling tile designs, so no matter what type of style you prefer, you are sure to find the right one for your home or office. You can find ceiling tile designs with flowery prints, square designs, indentations, and much, much more. No matter what type you find, there is a strong chance that it will fit with our direct mount ceiling system, giving you convenience as well as visual style!

Circular Center Tiles

While the combination of circles and squares or rectangles is usually a design mistake, there is a unique visual appeal to ceiling tiles that have center circles built into them. It seems to give the ceiling a visual contrast that works well for drop ceiling grids and other ceiling-tiled rooms.

Order the Best Ceiling Grid System Available

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