Ceiling Color: The Small Change That Makes a Big Difference

Ceiling Color: The Small Change That Makes a Big Difference

We don’t give it much thought.

When you visit a home for the first time, you probably notice the rich wood flooring and the lush beige carpets. You may notice the painted cabinetry or the wall decorations.

But how often do you notice the color of the ceiling?

To be fair, most ceilings are a neutral white or grey, so there’s not much to notice, but have you ever considered how ceiling color can make a difference in a room? As you might have guessed, there’s a big difference between white and black ceilings , but there are other colors that you can choose as well.

Why Ceiling Color is Important to Your Home

If you think about it, the ceiling is the largest unobstructed space in the entire room. The floor is covered with furniture and divided into hard and soft surfaces. The walls are covered in paintings and artwork, as well as cabinets, bookshelves, and dressers. The ceiling, on the other hand, usually has a few small lighting fixtures, a ceiling fan, maybe a chandelier; the space that is actually covered by these fixtures is minimal. This makes selecting the right ceiling color essential, and it doesn’t always have to be white or beige.

Light Tones on the Ceiling

Light colors on the ceiling, such as faded whites and neutral grays, serve many purposes, but for the most part, they give the room a bright, spacious appearance. White and other bright colors visually expand the room, creating the appearance of an airy, open area.

Dark Colors on the Ceiling

Black and other dark tones have the opposite effect. They minimize light and reduce the appearance of size in a room. This can be useful if you have a particularly tall ceiling; dark colors are also popular in home theaters and entertainment areas.


Blue, especially a light blue, will make a room feel bigger and airier, while providing a clean, sky-like appearance. Blue ceiling tiles are a popular choice for adding a sense of relaxation and comfort.


Many designers feel that red should not be used as the main color of a room, so if you choose a red ceiling, there’s a good chance you’ll have the only one in town! Red enhances the energy in a room, making it ideal for living rooms but unfit for bedrooms.


Bringing a sense of joy and brightness, yellow is popular for kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. A yellow ceiling would brighten up any room, adding a splash of energy while avoiding the intensity of red.


Combining the calming effect of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow, green is largely considered a versatile color that can be added to any room in the house. A green ceiling would cool down the room and can be a main color for enhancing a home.

The Perfect Ceiling Grid for Any Office of Home

CeilingConnex has an easy-to-use ceiling grid that can be used for with many different colors and designs. Available in white and black, our grid is not only convenient, it can be matched with both light and dark ceilings. 

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