Ceiling Tile Kits: Providing Convenience to Your Ceiling Grid

Ceiling tile grid systems, whether they are direct mount or a dropped ceiling, involve a few different parts. If you are ordering a grid ceiling for your home or office, you could take the time to order the tiles, brackets, and the entire grid piece-by-piece. This process allows you to order exactly what you need, but it can take more time and effort.

Another option is to order a ceiling kit from CeilingConnex.

These kits add versatility and convenience to your grid-installation process. By ordering a kit, you get everything you need for your ceiling.

Let’s take a closer look at why ceiling kits are a smart choice for residential and commercial projects...

Why Ceiling Tile Kits?

When ordering a ceiling grid and tile system for your home, it’s important to make sure you have all the materials you need. While we offer single units of our grid system, including main runners, lower Ts, and wall L brackets, you can also order a kit, which has everything you need for installing a direct mount ceiling except the fasteners. This gives you greater convenience when ordering and gives you the peace of mind knowing that everything is included in your kit.

You won’t have to worry about ordering a specific part or forgetting a piece of material; simply order the kit you need for the specific size and install it with the fasteners of your choice!

What Comes in Your Ceiling Tile Kit?

To get an idea of what you’ll get from your ceiling tile kit, let’s take a look at one of the most popular options, the White Complete Ceiling Kit. This kit can be ordered as a package to cover as little as an 8’x8’ section or as much as 16’x24’ section, giving you the versatility to choose the package that best fits your needs. You can also order multiple quantities in one shipment, further increasing the versatility of the kits.

The White Complete Ceiling Kit comes with:

  • While lower support Ts
  • Main runners
  • White wall L brackets
  • White mission ceiling tiles
  • Installation instructions

Note: Because the fasteners will change depending on the ceiling that you are mounting to, we do not include fasteners in our kits. In most cases, however, the system can be installed with basic drywall screws.

If you’re not sure about ordering a ceiling tile kit, we encourage you to order a low-priced sample. This will give you a chance to see and feel the quality of our products without spending a significant amount of cash. These direct mount ceiling samples can be installed in a corner of the room, allowing you to see the ceiling before investing more money into the product.

Order Your Ceiling Kit Today

Whether you want the entire grid-and-tile system or simply want to order the grid (and purchase separate tiles) our ceiling kits can make it happen.

Order yours now and you’ll have everything you need for a convenient, attractive ceiling! 

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