CeilingConnex: Helping Improve the South Dakota National Guard Headquarters

CeilingConnex, a leader in ceiling tiles and tile grid systems, is proud to serve homes, commercial locations, and municipal buildings all over the USA. We provide high-quality products, including our strong, affordable, and long-lasting interlocking T-grid ceiling system.

We have provided materials for a lot of different buildings, but one of the projects we are proud of was the remodeling job at Coyote Den on Camp Rapid, the headquarters for the South Dakota National Guard.

Providing High-Quality Ceiling Tiles to Camp Raid

Camp Rapid is an Army National Guard site located in the Black Hills region of South Dakota, on the state’s western side. It is the summer encampment for the South Dakota National Guard and has a long history as a base of operations for training and exercises. Thanks to the Black Hills’ steep slopes and dense forests, they are often used as a starting point for combat training for the National Guard, Reserve, active-duty, and even allied-nation forces.

While it’s essential to military training, the Camp Rapid also has modern conveniences and entertainment, outdoor recreation, restaurant facilities, and a bar and lounge area, which has bathrooms that were recently renovated with the help of CeilingConnex.

Providing Quality Products to a Wold-Class Installation

At Camp Rapid, we provided high-quality white mission ceiling tiles for the renovation project on the facility’s bathrooms. These tiles were chosen because of their strength and fire resistance, and they were installed into the existing grid, giving the area a sharp and modern look that will last for years. The tiles look great, with a clean, simple design that enhances the visual appeal of the bathroom, but they also have the reliability the National Guard is looking for.

These tiles were manufactured to stand up to tremendous amounts of heat, which helped them pass all the required fire safety inspections. The tiles were tested by a Sam Harbert, the Fire and Safety Emergency Services Manager for the South Dakota National Guard. They were tested for heat distortion and flammability, and they passed with flying colors. Harbert brought the panels past 170 degrees, which is above the temperature at which sprinklers go off, but there was no deflection or failure from the tiles.

We are proud of our strong, reliable tiles. Some of our competitions sells ceiling tiles that are made for mounting below a sprinkler system and they are flimsy and cannot be used in areas where high temperatures are common, like around ovens or certain machines.

However, products from CeilingConnex are designed to handle high amounts of heat, making for a safer, longer-lasting product.

Camp Rapid is a top-notch National Guard installation, and we couldn’t be happier to provide ceiling tiles to this important facility.

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