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Closed June 20th - 30th

We will be closed Jun 20th thru the 30th.  No orders will be shipped during this time and we will have very limited access to email.  If you need to contact us please email I will be checking and responding to critical email once a day.

It is my wife and I's 10 year anniversary on June 25th. After 10 years and spending the last 3 building a business while raising our two boys we are taking a week to ourselves. Unplugging and disappearing on the lakes around northern Minnesota.

The last 10 years - 14 if you include the 4 years we dated before - have been quiet a ride! Filled with amazing travels and adventures. We have been blessed with the two awesome little boys who fill are heart and test our strengths. We have come along way in life and we will have many more adventures along the way.


Closed June 20th - 30th