Cover Your Old Ceiling with a Direct Mount Grid

Do you have an old commercial space that is starting to look worn or old-fashioned? Does the ceiling reflect poorly on your business because of scratches and water marks?

Fortunately, using our direct mount grid to cover old commercial ceilings is easy and fast!

Using a Grid to Cover Old Commercial Ceilings

Can Be Used to Cover Damaged or Broken Ceilings

One of the biggest advantages our direct mount ceiling grid is that can easily be used to cover damaged or broken ceilings. For example, if you have a ceiling that shows visual signs of water damage, this reflects poorly on your business and can give customers a bad impression. Fortunately, a direct mount ceiling from CeilingConnex can be installed quickly to provide you with a clean surface that makes your establishment look sharp and professional.

A direct mount ceiling can be used to cover damage from water, smoke, broken tiles, and more, and all you have to do is cover the surface; in many cases, significant removal of the existing material is not required.

A Simple Way to Enhance a Room

Your commercial ceiling doesn’t have to be damaged to justify covering it with a direct mount ceiling. In fact, if you simply want to enhance the area and give is a modern look, then our ceiling grids can certainly help.

Let’s say you have an old ceiling that was installed in the 1970’s and has a very unappealing look, making your whole commercial space seem retro and old fashioned. In this case, you could tear down the entire ceiling and install something new. A better option, however, would be to simply cover the existing ceiling with a direct mount grid and install fashionable ceiling tiles that make your office look much more appealing and welcoming.

Installation is Easy and Convenient

Perhaps the best reason to cover your old commercial ceiling with a direct mount grid from CeilingConnex is that it is easy and convenient. When you install one of our grids, you only need a bare minimum or tools, and the process can often be completed in one day, depending on the size of the area you are refinishing.

For installation of our direct mount ceiling, all you need is a power drill with a Phillips bit, tape measure, chalk line, a cutter, and the appropriate fasteners. You can then install the perimeter brackets, layout the room, and install the grid. We intentionally made our direct mount grid one of the easiest systems to install, and we are confident that nearly anyone can install the system.

This, perhaps more than any other reason, is why you should cover your old commercial ceiling with a grid from CeilingConnex.

Cover Your Ceiling with a Direct Mount Grid

Your renovation can be fast and easy with the help of CeilingConnex.

From a convenient grid to high-quality tiles, we have everything you need to create a world-class commercial space. You’ll get reliable, easy-to-install products that are proudly made in the United States, so contact us to get a free quote today!

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