Create a World-Class Office Space with these Remodeling Tips!

Create a World-Class Office Space with these Remodeling Tips!

So you’ve finally decided to remodel your office. Congratulations are in order, but be ready, because there’s a lot to do! It will take time, but once it’s over, you and your team will have a high-quality, professional space.

Remodeling your office space can increase your productivity, operations, and efficiency, but you need the right plan to ensure an excellent outcome!

Office Remodeling: Tips for an Excellent Outcome

Office remodeling

Install a Direct Mount Ceiling

While many offices have a dropped ceiling (also know as a hanging ceiling), it’s smarter to choose a direct mount ceiling that conserves overhead space and makes for a more inviting, spacious environment. Dropped ceilings can hang down as far as a foot, and many office areas can’t sacrifice this overhead space without becoming cramped and cluttered. Don’t give your employees claustrophobia, install a direct mount ceiling and save your overhead space.

Have a Budget and Stick to It

If you’re remodeling your home, it can be easy to flex the budget a bit. A little extra on drapes; no problem. A floor tile that costs a few 

cents more; why not? When remodeling a business space, however, you need to be disciplined with your budget. You can’t afford to go over your budget or spend extra on items you don’t need. This is a commercial space, so maintain your budget and don’t go over your allotted price.

Fortunately, CeilingConnex has affordable prices on direct mount ceiling grids and ceiling tiles, so at least one aspect of your office remodeling will be easy to budget.

Think About Sound

Depending on the size of your team and the scope of your business, you may need private areas where sound does not come in or out. This can be useful for important meetings, sales calls, or interviews, so consider how the structure of your remodel will result in quality sound protection.

Our direct mount ceiling grid is compatible with many sound-dampening ceiling tiles, making it an excellent option for office remodeling.

Use Employee Input

As the property owner or manager, the final say is yours. But that doesn’t mean you should throw away the valuable input you receive from the team. This not only goes for day-to-day operations, but can also include remodeling. Talk with your team about what they would like from the new office. What would make their jobs more efficient? What would increase productivity or job satisfaction? If there is anything you can do to create a better working space, take this advice into account.

Consider the Lighting

You might not think about it, but the lighting in your office can have a noticeable effect on the staff. Dim lighting can make your staff drowsy and unenergized, and can even make it difficult to read important paperwork. If you can, add more natural light. When natural light from windows and skylights isn’t possible, consider adding more light fixtures when renovating the ceiling.

Let Us Be a Part of Your Office Remodeling

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Whether you simply need a direct mount grid or the complete ceiling kit, you’ll get high-quality, American-made products when you order from CeilingConnex!

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