DakotaTin Barn Tiles: Upcycling for Your Ceiling

DakotaTin Barn Tiles: Upcycling for Your Ceiling

We have to be honest: we are very proud of our barn tin ceiling tiles! These tiles have some of the most unique characteristics you can find in a ceiling tile, and they also help the environment by keeping perfectly-good metal out our the landfill.

These tiles are effective for restaurants and businesses, but they can also be used to give your home a creative edge!

Barn Tin Ceiling TilesWhy Upcycling is So Effective?

Upcycling is a popular way to conserve products and limit the environmental impact of creating new raw materials. This form of material processing is much lighter in scope and effort, making it an easier and more affordable option for many different products.

Upcycling, in many ways, is similar to recycling. There are, of course, a few differences. With recycling, you take unwanted materials, including paper, metals, plastic, and cardboard, and break them down into a raw material so that they can be created into something new. With upcycling, however, you don’t actually break the materials down, you simply recreate them.

Barn Ceiling Tiles Bring Eco-Friendly Character

Our barn ceiling tiles bring style and character to your ceiling, and they do it all in a very eco-friendly manner. These barn tin ceiling tiles are literally made from the walls and ceilings of old barns that used tin paneling. We simply took the panels and cut them into precise 2-foot by 2-foot squares, creating tiles that fit perfectly into our ceiling grid system.

By creating tiles this way, we have kept the metal materials from ending up in the landfill. They are not processed and rebuilt, they are simply torn down and cut to shape, which means far fewer resources and much less energy is used to create these products compared to tiles made from new materials or recycled materials.

Each piece is made from individual barn tin panels, so they are all unique. Because of wind, rain, and other factors, they have different shades and coloring, creating a unique character for each tile. When they come together to create your ceiling, you’ll see a major difference between each one.

Creative Uses for Barn Ceiling Tiles

So how can you put these ceiling tiles to good use? They are very popular for rustic or old-fashioned businesses, especially restaurants and retail outlets. For example, if you have an old-fashioned restaurant that sells southern-style smoked meats and ribs, these tiles will make your place look fantastic. Retail outlets that sell antiques and collectables will also find good use from these tin tiles.

You can also use these tiles at home to enhance your shop, barn, or garage. Wherever you want to add classic character to a room, these tiles will meet your needs.

DakotaTin has the Right Tiles for Your Home or Business

Dakota Tin provides a wide range of direct mount ceiling grids and tiles, including the popular Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles.

Place your order and you’ll get American-made products backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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