Design Tips For A Kids’ Basement Playroom

Design Tips For A Kids’ Basement Playroom

When you start remodeling a basement, you have plenty of options. You can install your very own bar, you can create a comfortable living room, or you can simply add more bedrooms for your growing family.

Another option that you can choose is a kids’ basement playroom. If you have children at home who need space for their toys and entertainment, creating a playroom is a smart option.

If you want to get started, consider these tips for your child’s playroom and you’ll have the right space for your kids; all while allowing you to enjoy some peaceful relaxation!

How to Create an Amazing Playroom in Your Basement!

kids basement playroomShelving on the Walls

If your child has lots of books, pencils, and crayons, where will they all go? Shelving on the walls, as well as other storage compartments, allows your kid to store their items in an easy-to-access way. It will keep items (theoretically) off the floor and allow your children to have a cleaner, well-organized area.

Use Plenty of Color

Children love color. Just look at some of their favorite television shows and you’ll see plenty of bright, vibrant coloring. You can use this same principle in your basement playroom by decorating the walls and floors with engaging and interesting colors.

Install a Direct Mount Ceiling with Sound-Resistant Tile

Having a good barrier of sound resistance is essential for a kids' basement playroom. You don’t need shouting and playful laughter echoing through the whole house (especially if you have a sleeping infant), so make sure the ceiling is built with high-quality sound-resistant ceiling tiles. You should also use a direct mount ceiling, which provides plenty of overhead space and gives you simple access to pipes and wire that run through the floor joists. Another advantage of a direct mount ceiling is that the tiles can be easily replaced if they are damaged in any way.

Leave Room for a Table and Chairs

It’s a pretty simple addition, but it’s also easy to overlook. A small, child-sized table is perfect for crafts and play, and provides the perfect space for many different activities. A round table is the probably the best choice, as it allows everyone to join around for the fun!

Separate The Space

If sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However, many basements are set up as one open room and may not have the obvious wall separation that you need. It’s essential to the entire home that the kid’s playroom is at least partially separated from the rest of the rooms. Otherwise, the play area will spill into the living area or home entertainment center, defeating the purpose of a kids' basement playroom in the first place! Build a wall between rooms and the playroom will be much more effective.

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