Direct Mount Ceiling Grid: Beyond the New Ceiling

It’s easy to assume that a direct mount ceiling grid is only used for new ceilings and basement remodeling. When you learn more about this innovative product, however, you learn that is more versatile than you thought.

This material can be used for many different purposes besides a new ceiling. From sound-proofing walls to covering up ceiling damage, there are uses for a direct mount grid that go well beyond a new ceiling...

Uncommon Uses for Direct Mount Ceilings

Believe it or not, you can actually use a direct mount ceiling grid to enhance the walls of your home. While many people choose to install drywall, a ceiling grid installed on the wall gives the home a decorative pattern that many people enjoy. This use of a direct mount ceiling grid can actually come in handy if you want to cover an ugly section of wall but don’t want to bother with the hassle and time of sheetrock installation.

Sound Protection
Sound protection may not be the most common reason for installing a direct mount ceiling grid and tiles, but it should certainly be considered. With a direct mount ceiling system, the room has enhanced sound proofing, which is especially popular for home theaters and entertainment areas. If you enjoy movies and sports but don’t want to bother everyone in the home, a direct mount ceiling can give you the ceiling you need without sacrificing overhead space.

Unique Decoration
You have many different options for design theme and colors when you install a direct mount ceiling grid. Of course, you can always choose the standard white or black tile, but you can also go with a checkered or rowed pattern if you desire. There are also many designer tiles that add enhanced decor to your home. If you want a unique style, a direct mount ceiling grid lets you get very creative.

Covering Stains and Damage
Because direct mount ceiling grids are easy to install, they are excellent choices for covering stains or damage to sheetrock. This not only includes damage and stains on ceilings, but can also include areas where the wall needs to be covered. With the right tiles, a direct mount ceiling grid presents the perfect solution for any area that needs to be covered.

Avoiding Rust
Our direct mount ceiling grids is made from PVC plastic. This means the material is not only tough and durable, it is also impervious to rust. Other ceiling grids are made of metals that can be susceptible to rust. If condensation from pipes or high internal humidity is present, you may eventually see rust with a metal ceiling grid. With CeilingConnex, however, this will never be a problem.

Quality Direct Mount Ceiling Grids Made in the U.S.A.

No matter what you need to do with your direct mount ceiling grid, you’ll get excellent products that are made right here in the U.S.A. when you order from CeilingConnex.

Make sure your home is using top-quality materials by installing a world-class ceiling grid. Browse our products and you’ll find exactly what you need for basements, offices, and more!

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