Enhance the Visual Appeal of Ceiling Tile with Crown Molding

Enhance the Visual Appeal of Ceiling Tile with Crown Molding

There are many things to consider when installing a new ceiling. Should you use sheetrock or ceiling tile? Should you have a dropped ceiling or a direct mount?

One material that you should consider is crown molding. This decorative product, which covers the corner where the ceiling meets the wall, provides a visual transition between the vertical and horizontal space.

While CeilingConnex is proud to offer Wall L Supports, there are some unique advantages to installing crown molding.

Benefits of Crown Molding with Your Direct Mount Ceiling

White Crown Molding on Wall and CeilingAdds Visual Presence

High-quality crown molding add visual appeal and depth to your home and creates a decorative transition from the ceiling to the wall. Consider the floors. In most cases, you will have a baseboard that serves the same basic purpose. Crown molding, whether simple or dynamic, can make the room more decorative and stylish. It will give your area more character and create a welcoming, appealing home.

Can Be Used for Wiring

Depending on the crown molding you select, you can use this material to hide wires and cords that need to run through the house. Some crown molding is created with a narrow channel in the middle, a space where wires can hide. This makes crown molding a great option for home theaters or living rooms where you need to install a full audio system.

Enhanced Lighting Options

Not only can crown molding be used to run wires, it can also be used in conjunction with lighting. You will find crown molding options that have lights installed in the product, as well as items that can be used with running lights. This adds a wonderful lighting element to a room and provides soft, indirect light, which is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and entertainment areas.

Versatile Style

No matter what type of decorative style you use in your home, there is a crown molding that will match your needs. From simple, smooth crown molding with a flat face, to ornate and elaborate molding with flowery designs, there is something for everyone. You can choose a natural wood finish or find crown molding that is painted a specific color, giving you literally thousands of options for your home design.

Is Crown Molding Right for Your Area?

While crown molding certainly has its advantages, it may not be right for every room in every home. In general, you will find that crown molding looks best in rooms with a tall ceilings; often the taller the room, the larger the crown molding.

But crown molding doesn’t fit with every design theme either. Ornate crown molding often seems out of place in both rustic country homes and ultra-modern contemporary designs. However, it is perfectly suited for Victorian or traditional homes.

The crown molding should also be matched to the furniture. If you plan on using highly-decorative tables and chairs, than a stylish molding will likely be a smart choice.

A Direct Mount Grid that Looks Great with Crown Molding

Order a ceiling grid kit from CeilingConnex and you’ll have a direct mount system that adds convenience and simplicity to your home.

Our direct mount ceiling grids are easy to install and go well with many different crown molding designs, so order yours today!

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