Get the Most from Your Money with These 10 Remodeling Projects!

Get the Most from Your Money with These 10 Remodeling Projects!

Every year, Remodeling Magazine conducts a survey of remodeling costs compared to the value added to a home.

This survey can help homeowners make educated, confident decision in their home improvements, and while the choice to remodel should be based on need over financial returns, it never hurts to have all the facts when it comes to cost and value.

Top Ten Home Remodeling Projects that Deliver the Best Value

Family Room Addition: 69%

Adding a family room can give your home more space and comfort. The project will include tying into existing HVAC, wiring, and other important aspects of home additions.

Basement Remodel: 70%

As a manufacturer of high-quality ceiling grids and tiles, this is obviously one of our favorite projects! While the national average is $71,115, it can be significantly more affordable when done properly, and it recovers a large share of it’s cost when complete.

Two-Story Addition: 71%

This project looses roughly $50,000 when comparing cost to value, but because the price is so high ($176,108), it still remains one of the best remodeling projects for recovering expenses. The cost measured by Remodeling Magazine includes the addition of a second-story family room and bathroom.

Wood Deck Addition: 72%

Wood decks are incredibly popular for outdoor living and family enjoyment. This high-quality addition costs right around $11,000 and can increase the value and attraction of your home by adding a versatile outdoor space.

Siding Replacement: 76%

According to the survey, the cost of replacing 1,250 square feet of siding and adding all the required trim on openings and corners is roughly $15,000. This is another project that can help your home look great while adding a modern, well-kept appearance.

Garage Door Replacement: 77%

The cost of this project doesn’t just include the installation of a new door, it also factors in the cost for disposal of the existing door. A new garage door can not only add functionality to your home, it can also increase overall safety with modern garage door features.

Minor Kitchen Remodel: 80%

According to Remodeling Magazine, this project includes many different additions, including new countertops and cabinet doors, while leaving the cabinet boxes in place. It also includes adding high-efficiency kitchen appliances.

Manufactured Stone Veneer: 89%

A manufactured stone veneer adds a tasteful touch to the exterior of your home. With a natural stone appearance, this project can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home.

Steel Entry Door Replacement: 91%

This project includes removing an existing door and replacing it with a 20-gauge steel door. While it doesn’t recoup all its cost, it does fairly well at recovering most of the expenses.

Fiberglass Attic Insulation: 108%

From a national average, adding fiberglass insulation to your home is the only remodeling project that adds more value than it costs. At roughly $1,300, it is also relatively affordable compared to other home-improvement projects.

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