Grid Ceilings for Professional Settings: Choose the Right Ceiling for Your Shop or Office

There will always be changes in the way we work.

In the past, we’ve had business environments where every employee has their own private little cubicle where the person can work with as little distraction as possible.

Recently, open offices have become popular. Allowing people to interact and communicate with greater ease, the open-office setting encourages creative thinking and group effort.

No matter what changes on the floor, the need for a professional, effective ceiling remains. In office spaces, you not only need a ceiling that can absorb sound (even open office settings don’t want endless echoing), but also allows access to commercial air ducts and electrical wiring.

Choosing the right ceiling for your office space can be a challenge, but when you consider your needs for three important areas, you’ll be able to make the right choice.

How to Choose an Office Ceiling

Ceilings for Acoustic Comfort

While the open-office setting is popular, sound privacy is still essential in the work place. If you have a large open office space with hundreds of cubicles, you don’t want every click, sneeze, and conversation echoing from end to end. When selecting tile for your ceiling, consider the Noise Reduction Co-Efficient, which measures a material’s ability to reduce sound.

In large open areas, the ceiling you select should help reduce noise travel and increase privacy. However, if you need to create a more active and vibrant space, you may want to consider less noise absorption, especially if the ceiling is short, which will automatically reduce noise levels.

Access to Utilities

When choosing a ceiling, you also need to consider access to utilities. In many residential homes, simply layering the ceiling with drywall is an effective solution. In large office settings, however, you may need access to industrial vents, pipes, and wiring. This makes access essential.

With CeilingConnex, you can have a complete ceiling system that is easy and quick to install but also offers simple access to utilities. Simply rock the lower T loose from the upper T and remove the tile. You or a contractor can now swiftly access the area above your ceiling.

Clean, Professional Appearance

Finally, you need a ceiling that provides a quality appearance. It should be clean and aesthetically pleasing, giving your office a sense of professionalism and quality. You can choose from many different options, but the white ceiling tile from CeilingConnex is a top choice for giving your office the right look. Take into account the brand of your company and the type of visual setting you want to create for your employees.

Find the right ceiling tiles today!

Want more information on ceiling tiles? Contact CeilingConnex today and we’ll help you get the perfect ceiling grid and tile system for your professional setting.

Whether you want clean white, stylish black, or the dynamic character of our Barn Tin Ceiling Tile, you’ll find everything you need to build the perfect office or store. 

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