History of the Sioux Steel Company

History of the Sioux Steel Company

Previously, we wrote a piece that discussed the origins of barn tin. This article briefly highlighted the manufacturing process and discussed how we create our barn tin ceiling tiles from unwanted barn paneling.

To dive further into the topic, we’d like to take a look at the Sioux Steel Company, one of the leading manufacturers for barn panels, many of which have become our ceiling tiles.

Sioux Steel Company: An Important Source for Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles

The Sioux Steel Company remains one of the few family-owned companies in the steel manufacturing and processing business. For four generations, this company has been creating high-quality products that are used all over the country, especially in the agriculture-heavy middle states.

The company was founded by Charles Rysdon in 1918. His facility was located in a small horse barn with an adjacent wagon repair facility. Originally, the company supplied furnace duct work to homes and offices in the Sioux Falls area. In the 1920, however, Sioux Steel began manufacturing furnaces, wall and floor grids, and oil storage tanks. Eventually, more products were added, including corrugated sheets of barn metal.

In 1940, Max Rysdon become the company’s president. As the son of Charles, Max had been working for the company since he was 15, with a starting role as a water-boy for the factory floor. Max began expanding the territory for Sioux Steel. Previously, they served mostly South Dakota and the bordering states. Under Max’s leadership, the company started providing steel products all across the country.

Products continued to grow and expand, and the company once again expanded its facilities. Eventually, a finance department, which was called Empire Credit, was created. This department helped farmers, homeowners, and business owners get the supplies they needed at an affordable price. By this time, Phil Rysdon, the grandson of Charles and the third-generation owner, was an important leader in the company.

By the 1980’s, the fourth generation of the Rysdon family was ready to enter the business. At the age of 27, Scott Rysdon become company president. He had a lot to prove but helped the company move forward and maintain its position as a national leader in barn tin and agricultural products.

The business manufactures many different products, but one that is always popular is their corrugated steel panels. These panels are now a part of the barn tin ceiling tile lineup.

The ceiling tiles we create by upcycling barn tin are made from old panels. These panels can come from many different original manufacturers, and it’s not uncommon to find Sioux Steel products. We repurpose many items here in South Dakota, so panels from the Sioux Steel Company are a common sight.

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