How We Made Ceiling Installation Simple, Fast, and Easy!

How We Made Ceiling Installation Simple, Fast, and Easy!

Have you thought about installing a direct mount ceiling, but haven’t started because you’re afraid it might be difficult?

If you’ve never installed a ceiling before, you might think it’s far too complex for average homeowners to handle. However, CeilingConnex products are designed to be simple and effective, especially during installation. This means that anyone with a basic-level of handyman skills can install our products!

How CeilingConnex Makes Installation and Maintenance Easy

Direct Mount Ceiling Installation is Simple and Fast!Simple Installation Process

When designing our direct mount ceiling grid system, we intentionally made the installation process as easy and simple as possible. The required tools are items that most people already have in the home. If you do need to purchase equipment, the required items are generally affordable, depending on what you buy.

Tools needed for installing CeilingConnex grid includes:

  • Power drill with #2 Phillips bit
  • Tape measure
  • Chaulk line
  • 1" drywall screws or 7/32 - 1/4" finish staples
  • Staple gun (if using staples)
  • Razor anvil cutter

Note: Although a heavy amount of cutting is not required, you will need to cut a few pieces. We recommend either a sharp razor blade, anvil cutter, or miter saw. Do NOT use a ripsaw blade.

You will start the process by mounting the “wall L” brackets, which run along the perimeter of the room. Fasten these wall L’s every 16 to 24 inches for maximum hold. When installing the grid, you can either have a tile-centered layout or a grid-centered layout. Choosing the right one will depend on lighting locations, dimensions, and other variables.

Once you have selected the layout, simply measure your spacing and mark the grid with a chalk line. Now simply install the main runners with either sheetrock screws, staples, or whatever fastener is required for your project. Once the main runners are installed. you can begin installing the lower T’s and tiles until the room is complete. Before you know it, you have a professional-level ceiling for your home or office!

Kits Come with (Nearly) Everything You Need

To make the process easy, we have created ceiling kits that deliver everything you need for the ceiling except for the fasteners. Simply select the footage you need with our online ordering system and you’ll have ceiling tiles, lower support T’s, main runners, and wall L brackets delivered to your location. You can also select kits that have just the grid system if you are selecting your own unique tiles.

You might be wondering why we don’t include fasteners in the kits. This is because the type of fasteners will change depending on the home or facility. Some may require sheetrock screws, others may use staples, while some may even have metal beams. Because the required fasteners will change with every project, we do not include them in our kits.

Give Your Home a Convenient, Effective Ceiling

Whether you are installing a ceiling in a refinished basement or remodeling your commercial space, CeilingConnex has the products you need for convenience and fast installation.

Check out our full selection of products and you’ll find the perfect direct mount ceiling for your space!

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