Make Purchasing Easy by Ordering from

Make Purchasing Easy by Ordering from

Ordering the right ceiling grid system can be a hassle. You have to search the large stores, find the exact items you need, make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, and take it home for installation.

Between the crowded parking lots and the pushy crowds, picking up your ceiling materials can be a real pain in the neck.

Fortunately, CeilingConnex offers an alternative! By ordering directly from, you can get the materials you need sent right to your door. It’s easy, convenient, and fast, and it makes your ceiling installation process easier than ever!

Ordering Directly from The Process

When you order from our website, you’ll find a convenient, simple, and easy-to-use system that allows you to order exactly what you need at an affordable price.

Let’s take a look at how it works. Let’s say you want to order the White Complete Ceiling Kit, which comes with tiles, main runners, wall L runners, and lower support T’s. (Basically everything you need except for fastener screws.) You can then select the amount of ceiling space you need to cover, ranging from 8’x8’ to 16‘x24’, as well as the quantity.

Once your order is created, simply click the “Add to Cart” button and your order is created. You can then add your zip code information to estimate shipping and tax, then proceed to checkout. If you have a PayPal account, you can also use this to process your payment.

During checkout, you will need to either “Checkout as a guest” or “Register an account.” Returning customers who already have accounts can enter their information along the right.

If you have an account, your billing information should be saved. Simply review the fields to make sure the address, contact info, and other information is accurate. You’re then ready to place your order and receive your high-quality ceiling through the mail!

The online ordering process is simple, fast, and convenient, just like installing our direct mount ceilings!

Some of the Most Popular Products from CeilingConnex

Everything we manufacture and sell is of the highest quality, but these are some of the most popular items chosen from our online shoppers...

  • CeilingConnex Grid Sample: This affordable sample lets you test the material before making a larger purchase. It comes with both black and white systems so you can see them both.
  • White Direct Mount Ceiling Grid Kit: With everything you need for the grid, but no tiles, this package gives you the convenience and versatility of our grid system while letting you select decorative tiles that meet your preferred design theme.
  • Barn Tin Ceiling Tile: If you want the rustic style of barn tin, this is the perfect option. Made from repurposed barn tin panels, they give your office or shop a unique style that everyone will envy.

Order Your Direct Mount Ceiling Today

There are many more options available at Visit our products section and browse our inventory of gird systems, tiles, and complete kits. Make the process simple from initial ordering to final installation with CeilingConnex!

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