Need More Storage? Remember These Tips When Remodeling Your Basement

Need More Storage? Remember These Tips When Remodeling Your Basement

When you are remodeling your basement, it’s easy to get swept up in building an elaborate bar, an engaging home theater, or a decorative playroom. But you can’t forget the storage space.

Well-organized storage is essential if you’re going to have a complete basement, so use these simple steps and your basement can make you happy for decades!

Storage Ideas for Your Finished Basement

Use the Area Under the Steps

The area underneath the steps can be overlooked as a storage space, so be sure to keep this area available. The beauty of this is that you won’t have to design the space, just section it off from sight and you have plenty of hidden storage available.

Add Built-In Shelving

If you have a large wall in your basement, one of the best ways to give yourself more storage is to add built-in shelving. This addition can be used to store books, tools, toys, and anything else that might need temporary storage with easy access.

Section off the Mechanical Area

Hopefully most of the utilities, including the furnace, water softener, and drain are in one corner of the basement. This allows you to section off the area and create a space where you can store a wide variety of items.

Leave Room for Large Items in Mechanical Room

The mechanical room we discussed above is perfect for storage of large items, but you need to make sure you leave enough space. You don’t want to store your plastic Christmas tree or extra dining chairs in the living room, so leave a few square feet of open space in the mechanical room.

Place Cubbies in Kids’ Rooms

If you are building a bedroom or playroom for children, low-height cubbies are perfect for storing toys and backpacks. Be sure to make them only a few feet off the ground so kids can access them easily, and consider strapping them to the wall for safety.

Use Wall Storage for Craft Rooms and Shops

Wall storage for tools and materials is a great way to organize a basement craft room or shop. You can simply place peg boards along the wall or hang a magnetic strip for metal tools and equipment.

Overhead Hangers Above the Bar

To create the perfect bar without crowding your basement space, you’ll need to cleverly execute the storage. One of the best ways is to have wine and martini glass racks hanging above the bar. You could also hang beer mugs from an extended rod.

Make Closets Out of Nooks and Crannies

The small nooks and crannies in your basement can be perfectly sectioned into closets. Depending on the size, you could create a large area where all of your square footage will fit perfectly, giving you the most complete storage possible and allowing you to maximize your storage space.

A Direct-Mount Ceiling for any Basement Remodel

You can have an amazing basement with more storage space thanks to a direct mount ceiling from CeilingConnex.

A direct mount ceiling will only take about an inch of overhead space, leaving more room for stacking boxes and building shelves!

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