Popular Design Styles for Basement Remodeling

Choosing the perfect style for your basement can be a challenge. Whether you are building a new house or simply want to remodel and redecorate your basement, choosing the right style can be an important decision. Fortunately, there are a few styles that are very popular for basement remodeling, and one just might be perfect for your home!


Important Elements: Floral patterns, stripes, plaids, neutral colors

A traditional design uses elements of 18th-century and 19th-century furnishings, including both French and English inspirations. With classic stylings and symmetry, they create a calming, elegant decor.


Important Elements: Natural wood and stone, reclaimed lumber

If any of the styles on our list come close to a log cabin, this is it. With loads of wood, including reclaimed lumber, plenty of natural stone, and vintage pieces, rustic is made to emphasize nature, making it a top choice for hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


Important Elements: Neutral colors, soft textures

Anyone who loves traditional design elements but wants a more contemporary style should look into transitional design. With a large use of neutral colors and both glossy and matte finishes, transitional is warm, relaxing, and versatile.


Important Elements: Polished surfaces, geometric shapes

Modern style is heavily rooted in minimalist design, but it also includes polished surfaces and strong geometric shapes, especially squares and rectangles. It often includes styles that originally rose in the 1930’s.


Important Elements: Exposed steel, distressed wood

This style is inspired by turn-of-the-century industrial elements, emphasizing a heavy use of metals and wood, often complemented by red brick. It lacks bright colors and generally opts for faded and metallic tones.


Important Elements: Bare cabinet doors, simple flooring and walls, muted tones

The Shakers are an English religious group that originated in the 1700’s. Today, they are best known for their influence on interior design, which emphasizes simplicity and communal use. It’s often defined by a neutral palette with muted tones, as well as untreated floors, bare walls, and plain cabinet doors.


Important Elements: Colorful patterned tiles and fabrics, natural materials

Southwestern style is inspired by the areas of New Mexico and Arizona, combining elements from Spanish, Mexican, and Native American influence. It uses lots of natural materials, as well as faded yet colorful tiles and fabrics, including red, blue, and yellow.


Important Elements: White cabinets, handmade decor, wood

The goal of this style is to create an area that looks and feels like a farmhouse. This often means the use of white wood panels and cabinets, as well as floral or striped patterns throughout the home. Handmade crafts, such as pottery and baskets are also found in farmhouse and country designs.


Important Elements: Clear walls, simple decor, minimal furniture.

By reducing clutter and opening spaces, minimalist design is a surprisingly attractive options. You don’t have to be a cosmopolitan to appreciate the relaxing and mind-clearing nature of minimalist style, which generally involves muted colors, clean floors, and clear walls. The one element that defines the style is as little furniture as possible.

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