Questions to Ask Every Commercial Remodeling Contractor

Questions to Ask Every Commercial Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling a basement, kitchen, or bathroom can be very exciting; you can’t wait to turn that old space into something incredible.

Unfortunately, this means many people rush the process and choose the first contractor they find. However, you need to slow down and ask a few important questions before you start.

The vast majority of contractors are honest, reliable professionals, and asking these questions will help you find the right one for your project.

Ask These Questions to Hire the Right Contractor for Your Home Remodeling

How long have you been an independent contractor?

While it’s great to hire a contractor with lots of industry experience, what really matters is how long their business has been in operation. Someone might have decades of experience as a cabinet builder for another company, but decades of service as a business owner shows they have done a great job for many previous customers. It also shows they’re more likely to do a great job for you!

Is the bid fixed or an estimate?

It may not always be possible, but you want to know that the provided bid is fixed, not a flexible estimate that can change throughout the project. If it is simply an estimate, make sure you are very detailed in what will be on the final bill and set a maximum price.

Can you provide proof of licensing and insurance?

A good contractor should be fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Licensing and bonding don’t guarantee quality, but they do increase your chances of a successful outcome. Insurance is also important, as it provides a safety net incase of significant damage to your home, such as accidentally breaking a pipe or harming the foundation.

Who will be in charge of my project? (And When can I meet them?)

The person you meet may not be the person conducting your remodeling. You always want to know who is in charge and meet them face-to-face before signing a contract.

What hours will the team be working?

Contractors, like all people, have various routines and schedules, so it’s essential that you talk with the foreman or business owner to get an idea of when they will be working. You have a life to live, so ask about how early and late they work, and whether or not they plan on working weekends. A consistent, planned-out schedule is a sign of a professional, organized contractor.

Are your employees provided with workman’s compensation?

Let’s say one of your contractor’s employees slips in your yard and hits his head on a cement paver. If your contractor doesn’t provide workman’s compensation, you could be liable for the cost of medical expenses. No matter how easy or fast the project might be, workman’s comp is essential for any contractor you hire.

What is your billing process?

If all looks well and you’re ready to hire this contractor, it’s time to discuss billing. You and your contractor should be completely clear on how payments should be made and when they expect full payment. Do they expect a down payment? How timely do they expect invoices to be paid? By the way, if the contractor requires full payment upfront, find another option.

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