Reasons for Choosing a Direct Mount Ceiling

Ceiling tiles are a popular choice in both homes and offices. Available in many designs, ceiling tiles offer versatility, convenience, and efficiency.

While a drop ceiling, which is a grid system supported by hanging wires, has been a popular choice for years, direct-mount systems are gaining popularity. They attach directly to the rafters or joists, giving homeowners a unique option for interior style and design.

Let’s take a closer look at why so many people choose a direct mount ceiling.

Maintain Ceiling Height

One of the main reasons for choosing a direct mount ceiling is added height. Because direct mount ceilings do not hang down (like a drop or suspended ceiling), you can add inches and even feet to your ceiling. This can be especially beneficial in basements that already have a low ceiling. In some areas, there may be a code related to ceiling height, and direct mount ceilings can help meet regulations.

Add Design and Style

The ceiling is often referred to as the fifth wall. It’s an area that can be utilized to increase the style and design of a room, but it is sometimes over-looked. With a direct mount ceiling, you can improve the aesthetics of a room and match the existing design theme.

Fast Installation

Installing a direct mount system is usually one of the fastest phases of a remodeling project. Once the area is ready, a professional can complete the task in a day or less, depending on the size and scope of the room.

Simple Access After Installation

When installing a ceiling your covering wires, pipes, and ducts, but what if you need to access these materials for repairs or maintenance? With a direct mount system, you can have easy access by removing one or more tiles. With CeilingConnex, the grid system can also be removed by rocking the lower tee and pulling down. With a direct mount system, you won’t have to cut or saw into the ceiling to gain access.  

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