Salvaging Tin: How We Create Our Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles

Salvaging Tin: How We Create Our Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles

At CeilingConnex, we are proud to offer some of the finest ceiling products you can find. This includes top-quality direct mount grids, as well as white and black ceiling tiles made from PVC plastics.

We also offer one of the most unique products in the industry: barn tin ceiling tiles at our sister company, Dakota Tin. These rustic tin ceiling tiles are made from salvaged tin that we cut into 2x2-foot squares. While the process is quite simple, there are a few important steps that we use to find the barn tin panels and create world-class ceiling tiles from unwanted barn tin.

How We Create Our Unique Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles

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The First Step: Finding the Panels

Before we can do anything else, we need to find available barn tin paneling. Fortunately, we have relationships with lots of people all over the area, so we are always informed when someone is refinishing or rebuilding a barn. If we hear about someone replacing the tin panels on their barn, we come by and remove it for them, keeping the material out of the landfill.

Only the Right Panels Will Do

Not every barn panel will make it to the cutting phase. First of all, we only use 1.25-inch corrugated galvanized steel. We choose this size because it is the unofficial standard for barn panels and fits with a standard ceiling grid. It is common among almost all panel manufacturer, so we can use many different sources while maintaining a consistency in our products.

While we can bend and straighten some panels, if they are too damaged or dented we will not use them in our manufacturing. We are very selective and often come across panels that are too dented to be used as a ceiling tile.

Removing the Metal Ceiling Tiles: Gloves, Flat Bar, and Sweat

Removing the tiles is quite simple, but it can be an exhausting process. In most cases, it only takes a few hours to remove the panels, but it can take a few days if the project is particularly large.

The process is simple but requires a lot of effort. We simply grab a pair of work gloves and a flat bar, and start ripping off the paneling, taking care to not bend or damage the panels. If the barn is tall, ladders or equipment may be required. In all cases, safety is an important concern when salvaging panels.

No Special Finishes Required

After the panels are salvaged, we simply move them to our facility and cut them into 2x2 squares. Because the panels have their own unique coloring and patterns, we do not use any finishes or stains of any kind. We simply cut them to shape, which helps them maintain a natural, rustic appearance.

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