Top 4 Advantages of a Direct Mount Ceiling Grid

Top 4 Advantages of a Direct Mount Ceiling Grid

There are numerous options for your ceiling. From drywall to tile, you can select the material that perfectly suits your specific needs.

A direct mount ceiling grid is one of the most popular types of ceilings available. These easy-to-install systems are perfect for new construction and remodeling and can be used for both home and residential construction.

1. Maintain a High Ceiling

One of the top advantages of using a direct mount ceiling grid over a hanging or dropped ceiling grid is overhead space. With dropped ceilings, the grid is mounted to wires that hang down roughly six inches to a foot. This means that when you are done with the installation process, you’ve lost significant overhead space.

This can be an issue if you have a room that already has a low ceiling. If you are refinishing a basement, for example, you may not have a lot of height to sacrifice, in which case a direct mount ceiling will be far more effective.

2. Quick Installation

In almost all cases, the installation of a direct mount ceiling will be quicker than the installation of a dropped ceiling. With dropped ceilings, you have to hang wires at a perfect length to ensure the ceiling is even. Then you need to mount the grid to the hanging wires and install the tiles. With a direct mount ceiling, you simply mount the grid to the ceiling; no fussing with wire!

Practically across the board, installing a direct mount ceiling will be faster than mounting dry wall. With drywall, you have to mount the material, mud and tape it, give it a textured finish, then paint it. With a direct mount ceiling, it’s simply install the ceiling and enjoy!

3. Retain Access to Utilities

Many people choose dropped ceilings because they need to maintain access to pipes, wires, and HVAC materials that run through the basement ceiling. For this reason, they choose to avoid drywall, which is a permanent installation.

With a direct mount ceiling, however, you maintain convenient access to these materials, allowing you to or a contractor to access them when needed. So you not only get the overhead space of a drywall ceiling, you get the long-term utility access of a dropped ceiling!

4. Can Be Used to Cover Bad Ceilings

Let’s face it, sometimes old ceilings need to be covered up quickly. Perhaps the texture or paint job on the drywall was done poorly. Perhaps there are scratches or major holes in the ceiling. Maybe it is stained or faded. No matter what the specific reason, a direct-mount drywall can cover the area quickly and leave you with a clean, neat, professional-quality ceiling.

These lightweight ceilings work perfectly as a cover for many different ceiling materials, including drywall, wood, or metal. You will need to purchase specific fastener screws depending on the material, but they give you a reliable alternative to the existing ceiling.

Improve Your Space with a Direct Mount Ceiling

Order your direct mount ceiling grid and tiles today.

You can improve your space with an easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain ceiling, so contact us now for more information on the advantages of a direct mount ceiling grid!

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