Top 5 Installment Tips for Ceiling Grids

Installing ceiling tiles is a fast and effective way to give your home or office a clean, stylish appearance while allowing you to complete the project in an efficient manner. Ceiling tiles are excellent for basements, office spaces, dining rooms, and nearly any other area you can imagine.

While installing a ceiling grid is easy and fast, it’s important that you have a plan before starting. With these tips, your ceiling grid installation will be more effective, giving you a stunning looking ceiling that will last for years...

1. Install a Ceiling Tile that Has Dimension and Depth

When installing a ceiling grid system, you’re going to want to find a ceiling tile that has depth, dimension, and relief. Flat ceiling tiles may give a crisp, minimalist appearance, but they will make the grid standout from the rest of the ceiling. This means that your eye will notice the ceiling grid, which is something most people want to avoid.

Instead, choose a ceiling tile that has decorative depth and lines. By installing ceiling tiles that have more dimension, you are giving your home a better appearance and making it harder for the eye to notice the ceiling grid, which is simply a structural component that doesn’t need to be seen.

2. Move Light Fixtures to Avoid the Grid System

There are two choices for dealing with lighting fixtures and other obstructions in the ceiling. First, you could adjust the ceiling grid to avoid the fixtures. A better plan, however, is to move the lighting to make room for the grid.

When you move the grid, you’re going to have a disproportionate section of tile, which will run the length or width of the room. By moving lighting and other structures, you keep a uniform size to the tiles, maintaining a more coherent appearance.

3. Clean the Ceiling Before Installation

While this tip applies more to grid systems that are installed with adhesives, it still applies to hanging and direct-mount grid systems. Cleaning the ceiling of dust and debris will give you a better surface for installation and will keep you from kicking up dust as you operate power-drills and other tools.

Make sure you clean thoroughly and if you have to use water, dry the area before installing the ceiling grid and tiles to avoid the buildup of mold and mildew.

4. Use Crown Molding to Enhance the Final Appearance

Along the perimeter of your room, where the ceiling tiles meet the wall, there will be an abrupt corner that many people find unsightly. Crown molding, however, is designed to cover up this corner and provide a decorative transition from horizontal ceiling to vertical wall.

There are many different styles of crown molding, so whether your home is modern or rustic, you can find something to match your interior design.

1.Use CeilingConnex for Greater Convenience and Versatility

The grid system from CeilingConnex not only provides easier installation, it also makes temporary removal of the system fast and convenient. With the rocking T system, the lower T easily removes itself from the upper T, allowing for swift access to plumbing, wiring, and HVAC components.

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