Top Uses for DakotaTin’s Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles

Top Uses for DakotaTin’s Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles

Our barn tin ceiling tiles are some of the most interesting and unique products you can find. They are made reused barn tin and each one has its own colors, patterns, and characteristics.

So what can you use this material for? It might seem pretty limit, but when you get creative, there are actually dozens of uses for these amazing tiles.

Creative Uses for Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles

Antique Shops

If you have an antique store that sells rustic materials and old fashioned antiques, barn tin ceiling tiles can give your space the old-fashioned character you prefer for your space. Barn tin ceiling tiles will complement the vintage wares you have for sale and set the throw-back tone for your store.


Do you have a restaurant with an old-fashioned theme? Do you sell southern-style smoked meats or have a country-themed brand? Barn tin ceiling tiles will give your restaurant a unique appeal and help set your interior apart from the competition.

Honkey Tonks

Cowboy boots, belt buckles, and Stetson hats. If your bar plays live country music and has a dance floor for two-stepping, then your location will be perfect for barn tin. Your customers can boot-scoot all night next to rustic barn tin ceiling tiles!

Consignment Stores

No matter what their income level, people love consignment stores. You never know what you’re going to find, which makes visiting at a consignment store part shopping, part mystery. Barn tin ceiling tiles, which are upcycled, go well with the “reuse-everything” principle that makes consignment stores so popular and so important.

Vintage-Style Retail Outlets

If you sell old-fashioned clothing, boots, and hats, you could enhance the interior appeal of your store by installing barn tin ceiling tiles. Branding is essential in the retail business, and faded barn tin delivers the unique message you desire for your outlet.

Woodworking Shops

Do you have a home wood shop? Do you love to build your own chairs, tables, and stools? Maybe you create gorgeous wall decorations. No matter what you create in your woodworking shop, you can install ceiling tiles to deliver a nostalgic look that matches perfectly with the old-fashioned nature of woodworking.

Classic Car Displays

If you love classic cars from the early 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, barn tin ceiling tiles will be perfect for your shop or display. It doesn’t matter if classic cars are your business or your hobby, barn tin will still look great as a shop ceiling or wall background.

Half-Wall Paneling

Are you planning on remodeling the basement? If you want to give your personal space a rustic design, consider a half-wall of paneling made from barn tin ceiling tiles. This design addition is perfect if you want to create a country-themed basement bar or lounge area in your home.

Get Quality Ceiling Tiles from an American Company

Order your barn tin ceiling tiles and ceiling grids today. No matter where you want to install barn tin ceiling tiles, you’ll have a quality product that looks great and delivers the rustic style you love.

Don’t wait any longer when you can have direct mount ceilings for any home or commercial setting. 

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