White vs Black Ceiling: Which Colored Ceiling Tile Is Right for You?

Choosing the right colored ceiling tile might not seem like a big deal. For many people, it’s just a simple material that rarely gets noticed. While the ceiling tile probably isn’t the highlight of most rooms, choosing the right material can make a big difference.

One of the biggest factors you need to consider is color. The color of ceiling tiles can set the pace for any room, and you need to take your time before reaching a final decision.

Before you choose white or black ceiling tiles, make sure you consider how you will be using the room and what type of atmosphere you want to create.


White Ceiling Tiles

colored ceiling tiles - white

Advantages of White Ceiling Tile


White ceiling tile is the most common choice for most people. It’s simple, elegant, and bright, giving the room more light and a warmer appearance. White is well-known for expanding a space and giving it a more open-looking appearance. Helping enlarge the look of a room will be beneficial if you have small spaces that need to appear larger. White is also very neat. It looks clean and organized, and can lend that feeling to a room, making it a good choice for offices and conference rooms.

Drawbacks of White Ceiling Tile

Simply put, white tiles are all over the place. They are very common, and many people see them as dull and boring. If you want to add character to a room, white ceiling tiles may not be the best choice.

Black Ceiling Tiles

colored ceiling tiles - black

Advantages of Black Ceiling Tile

When you look at the advantages of black ceiling tiles, it’s actually surprising that more people don’t use them. Black adds style and sophistication to a room, and because of the darker color, it will make other features stand out. If you have art that you want to showcase, black ceiling tiles can help draw attention to the piece. If you have a wall color that you really want to highlight, a black ceiling will make the color stand out. The good thing here is that every color goes well with black, so it can be used to highlight reds, blues, greens, and more.

Black ceilings are great for home theaters and entertainment rooms, as the darker color makes the screen more vibrant. (Ever notice that movie theaters are dark? It’s no coincidence.)

While white is used to expand a space, black can be used to draw it in. This can be beneficial if you have a room that has very tall ceilings but feel it is too open and spacious.

Drawbacks of Black Ceiling Tile

The biggest drawback of using black ceiling tiles it that is can make a room feel cramped. If you have a low ceiling, you are making it feel even lower by using black. Black can also look dirtier and less organized than brighter colors, so it may not be the best choice for work spaces.

Common Uses for Black Ceiling Tile

The most common use for black ceiling tile is home theaters and media rooms. Adding the dark color to the ceiling makes the television or projector screen look fantastic. 

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