Why Repurposing Materials is More Important Than Ever!

Why Repurposing Materials is More Important Than Ever!

Repurposing is becoming more important every day. While recycling certainly has its advantages, using repurposed materials is important for everyone, from homeowners to builders to anyone furnishing a home.

Advantages of Repurposing Building Materials

Saves Energy

While recycling is a wonderful practice that has a positive impact on the environment, repurposing materials is even more effective when it comes to saving energy. In fact, recycling can actually be a very energy-intense practice, depending on how it’s done. With recycling, the material, be it cardboard, metal, or plastic, is shipped to a facility and broken down and recreated through an industrial process, which takes energy and resources to complete. Repurposing, however, takes far fewer resources to complete, making it a more energy-efficient process.

Possibly More Affordable

Recycling material takes time and energy to complete a rather significant process. While this results in fewer raw materials being used, it can bring a higher price for these goods compared to repurposed materials. You can find many repurposed materials that are very affordable, giving you a great deal on home items, decorations, clothing, accessories, and more.

Reduces the Amount of Waste in our Landfills

In many cases, when materials and equipment are no longer needed, we simply throw them in the trash and move on. It’s all too easy to dispose of the items and forget about them, but unfortunately our landfills are filling fast, so reducing the amount of trash is essential. Repurposing takes usable items, including raw materials, and turns them into items that people can use, keeping pressure of the landfills and disposal areas. By reducing the amount of trash in our current waste areas we are protecting future lands from becoming landfills themselves.

Reduce VOCs in the Air

Using old materials can be very important for the environment. For example, when you use repurposed items, you keep volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s, from the air. According to E-Cycle Environmental, furniture and other materials release VOC throughout their lifespan. However, the highest amount is released during the first two years. If you use repurposed items, as opposed to new items, most of the VOC’s have already been released.

Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles: Repurposed for Your Building

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