Why You Need to Finally Finish Your Unused Basement

Why You Need to Finally Finish Your Unused Basement

Do you have a basement that has sat unused for years? Did you move in a decade ago, but keep pushing off that basement remodel? If you have an unfinished basement, you’re just wasting precious space that could go to a kid’s playroom, guest bedroom, home theater, or even your own sports bar.

Stop wasting space and stop wasting time. Here are some of the top reasons you need to finally finish off your basement.

Finish That Basement Once and For All!

It’s More Affordable Than a New Addition

While the numbers for finishing a basement will vary by the size of the project and what you want to do with the space, it is, in general, far more affordable than adding a new addition. According to Remodeling magazine, the average cost of basement remodeling is $68,000, while the cost of a family room addition is nearly $87,000; the price for a two-story addition is $171,000!

With the price considerations alone, it makes much more sense to start by finishing the basement, then moving on to a new addition if needed.

A Decent Return on Investment

We certainly can’t claim that you’ll get all your money back when you finish your basement, but it is one of the best remodeling and home refurbishing projects when it comes to recouping the cost through home value. A basement remodel will recoup about 70% of its value, which may not sound like a great financial investment, but compared to projects like a major kitchen remodel (65%) and bathroom additions (56%), it’s certainly not the worst use of your remodeling dollars.

A Blank Canvas That You Can Use For...Whatever!

If your basement has been unfinished for many years, it’s likely because the space is not needed. (If you needed it, you would have remodeled by now!) You likely already have the essentials, including a kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, so you now get to use the basement for whatever you prefer.

Whether you want to give the kids space by adding a new playroom, or want to install a high-tech home theater, the basement is your space to make it happen. You can install your own personal sports bar or make a game room for the whole family. Whatever you desire, the basement is your blank canvas.

Add More Private Space

If your family is growing, it might be time to add more private space where people can get a little time to themselves. With the right setup and the right materials, you can create rooms that are private and comfortable.

Your basement finishing should include sound-resistant tiles with a direct-mount ceiling for better sounds control throughout the home. When you add more private space, you just might discover that a healthy separation makes your family a little more civilized!

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