Ceiling Tiles

The grid is only part of the equation of creating a great ceiling.

We get a lot of questions about ceiling tile! All tiles mentioned in the article will work with the CeilingConnex surface mount ceiling grid. Most ceiling tiles work with the CeilingConnex grid but there are a few that don't work. Tiles with a recess or overall thickness greater than 3/4in won't work.

Traditional Tiles

Generic white tile is available locally at almost any hardware store for less than $1 per square foot. If you are looking for a low cost easy to work with tile then this is a good option. They do offer black tiles in the same construction for a little more money. We have found most customers would prefer something fancier. Large manufactures include USG and Armstrong.

PVC "tin" style Tiles

Where do we begin - so many styles the options are "limitless". The best selection comes from Ceilume. They offer tons of styles and colors, white black, copper, tin and many others. The Stratford is the most common and provides a great look for almost any room, however it is very thin. Depending on how they are cut around the border they may sag a little. Because of this the Cambridge or the other signature material (.030" rigid vinyl) tiles are recommended. You will find similar PVC from other manufactures such as Armstrong. The Armstrong easy elegance border tiles are also a option for a traditional look.

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