CeilingConnex Reviews

CeilingConnex Reviews

Looking for CeilingConnex reviews?  We've compiled a collection of reviews and places to find additional reviews here. 

CeilingConnex has a 4.5 star average rating from verified purchases at CeilingConnex.com.

A Sample of CeilingConnex Reviews

Here are the testimonials of just a few customers of CeilingConnex.com:

ceilingconnex reviews
"Nice light weight product. I have a drop ceiling in one area and its 3-4 inches below the joists. This system is great because its needs less than 2 inches clearance, light weight and still provides access. Definitely be using this in the new area." - Bill S

ceilingconnex review

"Relatively easy to install. Used in a 210 sq ft room. Simple instructions. In stock and shipped promptly. We installed within a week. Material is easy to work with and installs quickly once you make your measurements and mark your grid." - Jason

"Easy to install, very forgiving to odd dimensions and non-flatness, strong hold, looks great. Very fast shipping, and price lower than competing product from Home Depot. Very satisfied customer here. Can I add a 6th star?" - Dmitri


ceilingconnex testimonial

"We were looking for a direct mount system with generally easy installation and no maintenance. As a novice DIY couple, we felt as though it was fairly easy to accomplish a new ceiling with CeilingConnex in a couple evenings....Overall we love our new ceiling, have received many compliments and have already recommended it to several friends!"


One thing we find over and over is that customers cite that CeilingConnex ceilings have a clean, professional look; are reasonably priced; and ship quickly.

CeilingConnex Customer Projects

Our customer projects show just how clean and professional the CeilingConnex systems are.


- Basement ceiling from Mike M.

- Customer bathroom ceiling using CeilingConnex.


- Customer ceiling using the black CeilingConnex complete ceiling kit.

Find More Reviews

You can find all verified CeilingConnex.com reviews of our products at https://judge.me/reviews/ceilingconnex.myshopify.com.

Reviews can also be found under each product while you are shopping at CeilingConnex.com.

CeilingConnex customer testimonials that have been sent to us can be found at https://ceilingconnex.com/pages/testimonials.

Additionally, reviews can be found on Amazon for individual products available there. For example:




CeilingConnex Guarantee

CeilingConnex guarantees that the product are free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is effective if the product is properly installed and used for the purpose intended for the life of the product. It applies to the original buyer only.

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