How CeilingConnex Direct Mount Ceilings Compare To Drop Ceilings

There are a lot of ways CeilingConnex Direct Mount Ceiling Kits are just like drop ceilings.

They can both cover old ceilings or replace the need to install new drywall ceilings. They can both cover up and provide access to some plumbing and electrical elements in a ceiling. 

But there are a few ways direct mount ceilings are a better option over drop ceilings. Here are two reasons:

1. Maximize Ceiling Height

When you install a suspended or drop ceiling, you can lose as much as six inches of ceiling height.

With a CeilingConnex direct mount ceiling grid, you only lose about an inch.



2. Ease of Installation 

Compared to drop ceiling systems, installing a CeilingConnex ceiling grid is simple and easy. The grid system mounts directly to your joists; there are no wires to twist, just a clean, simple ceiling grid, and only basic tools are required. The ceiling grid can be stapled or screwed in place and our mission ceiling tiles can be cut with a scissors.

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