Using CeilingConnex Tiles As Drop Ceiling Tiles

Using CeilingConnex Tiles As Drop Ceiling Tiles

If you spend a lot of time in office buildings, chances are you’ve seen a drop ceiling grid with drop ceiling tiles. Or if you have a finished basement, you may even have a basement drop ceiling in your home.  They have been popular in both commercial and residential properties for years.  There are many benefits to drop ceilings, but they are most commonly used to hide wires and piping to create a more aesthetically pleasing look.



What Are Drop Ceiling Tiles & Grids?

A drop ceiling, also referred to as a suspended ceiling, is a secondary ceiling that hangs below the main structural ceiling. The suspended ceiling does not make up a permanent structure. It serves as a covering for the more solid framework above. It is made up of a drop ceiling grid that can then be used to install a variety of ceiling tiles. Drop ceiling tiles use to only come in basic white but these days there are many options as far as different materials, colors, and textures.


What is The Difference Between a Drop Ceiling and a Direct Mount Ceiling?

When you use a drop ceiling tile installation, you lose as much as six inches of ceiling height. With a CeilingConnex surface mount ceiling grid, you only lose about an inch. In your home or business, space is precious. Every inch counts!

CeilingConnex is a direct-mounted grid system. The grid is not suspended by wires but instead fastened directly to the ceiling joists or existing ceiling. The ceiling grid can then be stapled or screwed into place and our signature ceiling tile can be cut with scissors for easy customization.

In addition to taking up less of that precious space, here are some other benefits to using our direct-mounted grid system vs. a drop ceiling grid.

  • No rust or water damage. Traditional drop ceiling grids made from metal can rust over time. This can become a problem if you have a damp basement. At CeilingConnex, we use high-quality PVC, meaning no rusting!
  • Easy Access to Plumbing and Electrical. Our interlocking T-system is easy to unsnap, providing fast access to your plumbing and wiring.
  • Convenience and affordability. Best of all, the CeilingConnex easy to install grid system will save you time and money!


CeilingConnex Tiles Work In Drop Ceiling Grids

drop ceiling tile installation

CeilingConnex stylish PVC tiles can be used in both drop ceiling AND direct-mounted grid systems. In fact, our tiles can be a direct replacement for any standard 2' x 2' drop ceiling tile. CeilingConnex tiles fit in any 2'x2' drop ceiling 15/16" T bar system.

Whether you decide to try the CeilingConnex grid or go with a traditional drop ceiling tile installation, our sleek and contemporary tiles are perfect for just about every room in your home, from your basement, to your kitchen; they are even perfect for playrooms.


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