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CeilingConnex Mission Ceiling Tile - Fall 2014



CeilingConnex Mission Ceiling Tile patent pending design allows it to be installed as a revealed or coffer style tile. When placed reliefs up - its a great looking border tile or flip the tile around and it drops down below the grid providing an amazing finished look. Decorative 2' x 2' Ceiling Tile Molded from .020" PVC in a White or Black Matte Finish. We optimized the material thickness to provide enough support while being easily cut with a heavy duty pair of scissors.

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CeilingConnex is your place for your residential ceiling needs. Whether you’re completing an unfinished basement or trying to find an alternative to a drop ceiling, you’ve come to the right place.

If your basement ceiling ideas have left you feeling claustrophobic, our ceiling grid solution is here to turn your dreams into reality – you CAN save six or more inches of ceiling height with our direct mount Ceiling Grid.
Our high-quality ceiling materials also work in damp spaces as they carry a 100% rust-free guarantee. Order a Sample kit today to begin your deluxe media room mission.

Once you’ve decided to install our proven solution, you can either order a handy Complete Grid kits or select custom quantities of the three main components: White Lower Support Ts, Main Runners and Wall L Brackets.

All products work with standard 15/16" Ceiling Grid or Our CeilingConnex HD Grid System and are available in black or white. Exceptional customer service is standing by to answer your questions and all of our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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