Lighting/Fan Options


You can use recessed can lighting with our grid system. 2' x 4' lights will not work due to the thickness of the light.  Make sure you support the weight of the light through the electrical box.  The grid system is not designed to support additional weight from lighting.

Recessed lighting in the home addresses many lighting needs. Place them throughout your ceiling for unobtrusive general lighting for either your home or office, position them above your sink or desk for task lighting, or direct them toward your favorite piece of artwork for ideal accent lighting.

For the Basement

This space usually needs general lighting levels. Task lighting, essential for reading, is usually provided by torchieres or table lamps. It is important to plan the placement of recessed lighting in living spaces so the light source is not reflected as a glare spot on television screens.

For a Home Theater 

The addition of a home theater room is a great way to experience the sight and sound quality of a full movie theater in the privacy of your own home. One of the elements that adds to the true home theater experience is proper lighting.  Recessed Lighting also delivers focused lighting without the visual distraction of glare.

Also choose a dark trim and a ceiling like the Complete Black Ceiling Kit from CeilingConnex to minimize glare on your screen. 



Ceiling fans require more support than the suspended ceiling can provide. We recommend using an electrical box designed for ceiling fan applications attached directly to the joists for support.

Start by removing enough of the tiles to create an adequate work space above. You will probably have to remove at least two or three tiles where the fan will be located.

Install the electrical box to support the ceiling fan as it is designed. To make sure the box is at the right height, hold it to match the thickness of the ceiling tile below the ceiling grid. Before the fan body is installed, cut your ceiling tile to fit around the electrical box, and put it in position.

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