CeilingConnex is designed with Safety in Mind.  Once all snapped together it is almost impossible to pull apart unless you rock the lower support T loose.  The pvc materials are selected with our customers’ health and safety in mind. CeilingConnex Grid and Tiles are made with safety-tested, rigid PVC. The poly vinyl chloride plastic used is a non-toxic inert polymer, which has been highly researched and thoroughly tested. PVC meets all international standards for safety and health in the products for which it is used.
PVC is resistant to mold, abrasion, rotting and chemical corrosion – ensuing you have less to worry about when deciding how to finish a basement. It is therefore the preferred choice for many building products and will not need to be replaced in your lifetime.

CeilingConnex uses fire-rated UL 94 V-0 rated PVC resulting in your CeilingConnex Tiles and Grid having structural fire resistance to safeguard against the spread of fire and smoke within a building and leading to another level of health and safety.

If you require the product to meet certain specifications that are not listed in the technical information please let us know.



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