Our customers deserve high-quality products, which make minimal impact on the environment. We go green by using rigid PVC in the construction of CeilingConnex.  PVC products are more energy-efficient to produce and require fewer natural resources than other alternatives when working on your DIY project or finishing your basement. After manufacturing, the products continue to support a clean environment by being lightweight and easy to transport and ship. All CeilingConnect products are made in the USA, which greatly reduces shipping and lowers our transportation emissions.

PVC's environmental impact has been found to be favorable when compared to other materials used for construction focused on green building. PVC products are durable, which ensures they require less replacement. Once you install a CeilingConnex ceiling, you will never need to replace it.

CeilingConnex’s Grid system is comprised of 25% recycled content on most extrusions. The Main Runner is 100% recycled material. Materials may be returned to an eco-friendly recycling center at end of life to complete the cycle.

If you require the product to meet certain specifications that are not listed in the technical information please let us kno

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